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Smart Cloud Storage

Store and access your files from any device. 100 GB storage for free users.

Sharing Made Easy

Easily share your files, photos, videos and documents with anyone.

Safe and Secure

Only you have access to files you have added to your Private Vault.


Drag and Drop Cloud Storage with File Sharing

BoomyCloud is a cloud storage software client for storing, backing up, and sharing files. There are no file size restrictions or transfer limits. BoomyCloud uses IPFS technology, allowing for an open, permissionless, secure, and uncensorable cloud storage solution.

What Is the Difference Between Free and Premium Accounts?

Free accounts include 100 GB of free cloud storage. You may add more than 100 GB of files to your free account, however we do not guarantee they will remain available for long periods. To ensure files in excess of 100 GB always remain available, please upgrade to Premium.

Public vs Private Files

There are two types of files, Public and Private. You may share Public files with anyone by coping the Share Link and sharing it with others. Anyone with the Share Link will be able to add the file to their account and download it any time. Private files are encrypted before uploading and stored securely. Only you can access your Private files, as the key to access them never leaves your device.

Backup and Restore Accounts

You can use the Backup Account feature to copy or restore your account onto another device. Simply click the Backup Account button, then locate the saved .dat file that was saved and on your new device go to Restore Account, then select the saved .dat file to complete your account restoration.

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